Did you answer yes to the question above? Are you also tired of lugging your camera gear around to various attractions only to be burdened with it when the photo ops are done? Would rather not be constantly looking out for your camera gear when it’s with you or sub-sequentially leaving it back in the room and missing some shots later on? I am the solution.

With as much distance as you want, capturing candid photos, posed or both I can be your personal photographer. I can capture your family/group in photos as you want them, even utilizing some portable off camera lighting and reflectors if the situation calls for. I can discreetly capture candid shots of everyone through my eyes, as your family or group enjoy the sights that unfold before them. I can set up and take professional shots of the area, the sunset, the attractions etc, all you have to do is ask, a lot of times, you won’t have to. During times where you prefer some privacy I may wander and capture shots on my own, shots you would then have the option to have as well.

Think of me as your personal professional travel and family vacation photographer, capturing you as well as the sights, as you see them.