Another Mention, Updates and New Projects

I came across a blog post that was written about a year ago. ( I don’t search myself all that often) that mentions me and this service. It’s cool to also see that people are warming up to the idea. Considering that when I researched this service before launching this site there was NOTHING related to it online aside from a post in the forums of PopPhoto by another gent wondering the same things as me. Is this a thing? Would there be a demand for it?

Well I’m happy to see that it’s becoming a thing. It’s true that the only traffic I’ve gotten so far is from other photographers asking “how it’s going?” but the fact of the matter is I haven’t promoted this much at all and have been busy working on many other projects. Also, I know my prices aren’t “cheap” enough for the average traveler. I specifically priced myself in the slightly higher end (but reasonable range). Keeping in mind you get my full attention for 10 hours of the day for $800. (Try getting a pro wedding photographer for 10 hours at that price.) That’s not to say that I wouldn’t jump at the first chance to do this at the drop of a dime.

I’m currently planning for my own adventure slated to launch in the middle of 2015. The Great North American Road Trip is in the works. That said, even if I’m on the road I can park and hop a plane to do your vacation photos anytime.

Along with the road trip adventure I’ve launched a pay it forward photography project that gifts creative photography sessions to people with limited means, mobility issues, remote location challenges or who are overcoming other hardships. This project was inspired by what I do at the Burning Man Festival every year, where I gift portraits to my fellow festival attendees.

So I’ve got lots on the go but like I said, I’m more than willing to come along and capture your vacation like only I can.

Have a wonderful autumn and perhaps I’ll see you soon.




New York City

A good friend of mine and I took a short extended weekend trip to “The Big Apple” recently and I subconsciously used it as a marker to what an average day can be like doing this kind of work.

As of now ( June 2013) I have yet to find that first traveling client willing to take the leap of faith and hire me. I know it’s a very unique market and I expected it to take time to catch on, if it ever does. I created this website as a way to “put it out there”  just in case. Lots of Google hits, questions and even mentions in other blogs aside it’s been quiet in this little corner of my photographic endeavors. No problem, I’m patient.

So this trip to NYC in which we crammed  A LOT of sightseeing and photography into 3 days became a bit of a gauge to see what it would be like to do this on a daily basis packing my backpack full of gear. As I expected, I loved it!

We were all over the city during our three days, from our room in Soho to a couple of Museums, to Grand Central Station, Times Square, City Hall, The Brooklyn Bridge, observation decks of both The Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center and a boat tour around the island. We even made it out to Coney Island for a late afternoon/evening visit. We were out and about, shooting for minimum 12 hours a day, most of it on our feet. It was amazing!

So my conclusion to this is that if there was ever any doubt in my ability to “keep up” I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay doing any kind of travel and adventure short of hiking Mount Everest.  Some of the sights I saw would have been amazing with a couple or family highlighted in the foreground.  Perhaps one day that can be you.

May all your journeys be wonderful,


(some photos to come soon)

On The Rise

Literally a year ago I started thinking about this whole idea and it was August 2011 when I launched this website. Before doing so there was almost zero mention of this idea online short of forum posts from another fellow who had similar thoughts regarding whether it could be a viable business or not. I put up this website “just to have it up”. More of a “if you build it they will come” type thought. Since then I’ve checked in once in awhile and done a little promo when I had time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have yet to land that all important first client in this venture (I’ve had many photography clients) but I recently got a call from a reporter at the NY Times asking me questions. Since then I started looking online again and have noticed that the trend seems to be coming. Here are a couple of articles that suggest I may be on to something, that I may not be totally nuts in thinking that people may one day want my services.

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Back in Stampede City

As of December 2011 I am now a returning resident to Calgary Alberta. I lived here before from 1993 to 2000 when I moved back to Vancouver. I’ve since come back for a new opportunity which will allow me to pursue my photography and live a little easier while I do.

I’m still available for travel photography and also the local Calgary and Banff shoots if needed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Happy Holidays,