My Goal

Because this whole idea of a personal, private vacation photographer service is fairly new I’d like to talk about a few things that may or may not be of concern.

Simply put, I come along with you on your vacation and handle all the photography so you don’t have to. I am there to take the shots that you want and I disappear when you want your privacy.

It is my goal to capture the photos that you want captured, when you want them. I am there to capture the joy, the fun, the wonder, the romance that you and your family experience as well as the beautiful scenery and the essence of the locations. It is not in my agenda to be intrusive, clingy, demanding or annoying. Literally, it is my goal to be a pleasant, almost invisible entity who is simply documenting your experiences as you want them to be documented. If that means you want me to stay close and be part of the group then that’s how it will be. The same goes if you want me to remain back from the group until perhaps you want a group shot. If you don’t want any shots of anyone without their knowledge than so be it. Your boundaries will be discussed either in the first meeting or over the phone prior to the trip. My goal is for you and yours to be comfortable and at ease with me at all times, after all, you are on vacation.

The Photos

You may be wondering about the rights to the photos etc. Basically I will technically own the rights to all shots taken, just as any wedding or portrait photographer does. Out of respect for my clients and their privacy, any photos containing you or you family will never be publicly displayed without your consent, except possibly in my portfolio. I will potentially ask your permission to use some of the best photos for promotional (this website) purposes but that will be all. The other shots taken of the locations, landscapes, local people, etc will be used at my discretion. All the shots can be used by you as you wish however none of the shots can be used by you for commercial purposes or sold as prints etc.