Wayne StadlerIn a new uncharted business model such as this I understand the apprehension one might have in bringing along an outside person on something as close knit as a family vacation. I’ll do my best below to relay what kind of person I am, at least before we meet.

My name is Wayne Stadler,

I’ve been an avid photographer for over two decades, I have a love for the captured still image that is only comparable to my love for travel and exploration of different places. I enjoy the sense of wonder that travel brings and quite honestly, have not yet been able to experience all the places I’d like to.

I am an easy going, low maintenance guy with a positive outlook to life. I believe in open communication, privacy,  respect for others as well as respect for all living things and property.

I have traveled solo many times, mainly North American road trips, sometimes for months at a time, sometimes during winter. These trips were not spent in hotels and fine restaurants, they were minimalistic adventures, making the best of a very limited budget. These experiences have allowed me to nurture an appreciation for the connection that travel brings. A connection I hope to capture with a lens as you and your family experience new, exciting and wondrous places.

I’m currently single with minimal “nesting” responsibilities. My itinerary is wide open. I’m drug free and bond-able with no criminal record what-so-ever. I possess a valid passport and driver’s license. I am, in all aspects, ready to be your personal vacation photographer.