Travel Services

I’m willing to go anywhere, any time of year with the exception of the week surrounding Christmas day. (those days would be triple my day rate).

Before I accompany you and document your vacation I require three things.

  • I would need a deposit to book my time. Just like a wedding photographer during the busy summer months, once I commit to you I may be turning down other prospective clients for those days therefore I need to know you are serious and require a deposit to confirm. This consists of 50% of my daily rate for all the days I will be away with you.
  • I will need a brief itinerary, mainly just a general outline of where it is we’re going. So I can gauge what to bring, how to pack and take care of any matters such as travel vaccinations that I may need etc.
  • If possible I want to meet you. If geographically this is not possible a telephone conversation will have to suffice as I mainly have questions on what kind of shooting style you expect of me, limitations, requests, and a little background info.

Local Calgary & Banff Services

Considering that I’m local to Calgary, Alberta Canada I also offer local Calgary and Banff shoots to anyone traveling to this area. I grew up in British Columbia but spent 7 years here in Calgary in the mid 90s and have returned in late 2011 for new opportunities. If requested I can offer suggestions for sights to see based on your interests.

Days in Calgary would cost and be treated the same as the travel services with the exception of the expenses being waived. The Per Diem will cover my lunch and fuel.

Days in Banff would cost and be treated the same as the regular travel services .


Below is what is required financially for me to be your personal vacation photographer:

  • All my expenses are paid by you. This includes cab fares, flights, accommodation, any admission fees, etc.
  • A $50 daily “Per Diem”.
  • My daily photographer fee of $800. This covers a 10 hour shooting day, which can be broken up to match the days events if desired. (Also factored into this daily rate is my post processing time for an average days worth of shots which will be done on my own time once returning home)

What Is Included

I shoot a lot of shots given the opportunity. Based upon previously discussed boundaries, I could be getting candid shots of you and your family while you enjoy yourselves as well as any posed and/or group shots you may request. I will also be taking shots of the locale, the local people and the sights as I see them, just as any travel photographer does. The best of these photos will all be given to you as well. This means there will be many shots you won’t know you have until you get home and browse through them, reliving your trip all over again.

I will also shoot at times I am off the clock or during a time that you’ve requested some privacy. I will share those shots with you as well. These will be accompanied by detailed notes on your final DVD of where the shots where taken.

Once returning home I will go through and edit your photos for best possible quality saving final high resolution versions of them. These final files will then be stored on a DVD or Flash Drive in easy to navigate folders so you may find and print any that you so desire. Also sent to you with your library of photos will be a professionally printed custom photo book with up to 50 of the best photos highlighting your vacation.


  • Deposit can paid via Certified Cheque, Money Order, Paypal or cash (if we are able to meet).
  • Expenses will be covered by you as incurred. (Minor daily ones can be reimbursed with the final payment)
  • Final balance payment will be paid via Certified Cheque, Money Order, Paypal or cash after the photos have been edited and before the they are sent to you.