New York City

A good friend of mine and I took a short extended weekend trip to “The Big Apple” recently and I subconsciously used it as a marker to what an average day can be like doing this kind of work.

As of now ( June 2013) I have yet to find that first traveling client willing to take the leap of faith and hire me. I know it’s a very unique market and I expected it to take time to catch on, if it ever does. I created this website as a way to “put it out there”  just in case. Lots of Google hits, questions and even mentions in other blogs aside it’s been quiet in this little corner of my photographic endeavors. No problem, I’m patient.

So this trip to NYC in which we crammed  A LOT of sightseeing and photography into 3 days became a bit of a gauge to see what it would be like to do this on a daily basis packing my backpack full of gear. As I expected, I loved it!

We were all over the city during our three days, from our room in Soho to a couple of Museums, to Grand Central Station, Times Square, City Hall, The Brooklyn Bridge, observation decks of both The Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center and a boat tour around the island. We even made it out to Coney Island for a late afternoon/evening visit. We were out and about, shooting for minimum 12 hours a day, most of it on our feet. It was amazing!

So my conclusion to this is that if there was ever any doubt in my ability to “keep up” I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay doing any kind of travel and adventure short of hiking Mount Everest.  Some of the sights I saw would have been amazing with a couple or family highlighted in the foreground.  Perhaps one day that can be you.

May all your journeys be wonderful,


(some photos to come soon)